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Yuga Labs’ founders stand with creators for marketplace creator royalties

Yuga Labs’ founders, the people behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club, are calling out marketplaces rejecting creator royalties.

The founders defended NFT creators in an issue causing marketplaces to reject them.

The Yuga Labs’ founders proposed a community-governed ‘allowlist’ model that allows creators to decide the marketplaces that can handle secondary sales of their works.


The top NFT marketplace OpenSea made the rounds over the weekend when it said it might follow the current trend to reject royalty for NFT creators.

The trend includes the absence of enforcing creator royalty on secondary sales.

As a result, many creators are opposing their decisions.

In a turn of events, Yuga Labs’ founders also join their cause.

Founders Wylie “Gordon Goner” Aronow, Greg “Garga” Solano, Kerem “Tomato” Atalay, and 10KTF CTO Randy “Melonpan” Chang published a post recently.

The post says that the Yuga Labs’ founders are decrying the industry’s shift from honoring creator royalties.

Instead, they proposed a technical solution to enforce creator royalty.

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The proposal

The Yuga Labs’ founders suggest an ‘allowlist’ model that lets creators approve secondary trades through marketplaces that honor royalties.

If a marketplace’s smart contract is listed, the transaction goes through; if not, it won’t.

However, standard wallet-to-wallet transfers will remain unaffected.

“The NFT ecosystem would be a tiny fraction of what it is today if it weren’t for creator royalties,” the Yuga Labs’ founders wrote.

“The leading marketplaces of the past couple years would be nowhere if they hadn’t supported them.”

They noted that when the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs launched last year at $220 worth of Ethereum, they set a 2.5% creator royalty on secondary sales.

The founders explained that it’s the amount OpenSea charged for its marketplace fee.

The royalty fee is lower than what other NFT creators chose, which is often between 5% and 10% of the sale price.

“The end result has been that OpenSea has made around $35 million dollars from Bored Ape sales on its platform, not including any of our other collections,” they wrote.

“We’ve never met the founders, but perhaps they have a beach house somewhere with a plaque for us.”

Yuga Labs

According to Galaxy Digital, the BAYC founders earned more than $147 million from creator royalties on secondary sales last month.

However, NFT royalties today aren’t as durable.

While creators can set them in smart contracts, they aren’t fully enforceable on-chain.

Marketplaces should honor them as most have until recently.

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The marketplaces

In the Solana NFT space, almost all secondary sales take place on platforms that either reject creator royalties or make them optional.

The move came after Magic Eden made them optional after losing market share to rivals.

Meanwhile, in Ethereum, marketplaces like LooksRare, Blur, X2Y2, and Sudoswap also took a similar approach.

OpenSea always honored creator royalties, but the firm acknowledged the shift in the space.

They said that it might make creator royalties optional for traders and that exploring new enforcement models or only requiring royalties for certain projects.

Creators in the Web3 space didn’t take to the OpenSea news well.

Yuga Labs’ founders joined the cause, saying the rejection of creator royalties is a “race to the bottom” they believe OpenSea will participate in.


Bored Ape Founders propose NFT royalties model, decry OpenSea’s stance as ‘not great’