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Worldwide Footwear Giant Nike Makes a Great Leap into the Metaverse

Source: Gaming Deputy

Nike, a globally renowned footwear company, has just stepped into the metaverse. 

The footwear giant obtained startup RTFKT NFT collectibles and style on Friday, reported by RTFKT Studios on Twitter. Any further information about the deal between the two has not been revealed yet. 

The acquisition appears to be of a suitable fit. Among RTFKT’s prime items as a cross breed NFT/actual shoe collectible are the collaboration with CryptoPunks NFT selection, and in March FEWOCiOUS, a high-yielding non-fungible symbolic craftsman, sold $3.1 million in metaverse kicks. 

In 2019, Nike was venturing and looking into blockchain innovation ahead of time and progressing into such an extreme as to patent tokenized shoes.

Nike is securing an exceptionally capable group of makers with a legitimate and associated brand at the crossing point for game, innovativeness, gaming culture. The company’s president John Donahoe wrote in a blog entry that they are speeding up changes to computerize this process while also serving competitors by providing them access into new markets via innovative products. 

Nike stated that they would likely invest in the RTFKT brand, to serve and bring progress to their imaginative and innovative locale, therefore enabling extension to Nike’s digital impression and capabilities. 

Metaverse style is progressively spreading like wildfire. Marking the very first digital shoe, a competitor NFT streetwear project, Cryptokickers, was launched by a former National Basketball Association personality Wilson Chandler in April. 

The digital realm of the metaverse will likely turn into its own trillion-dollar industry. A safe space for entertainment, business, and other purposes. It appears that the metaverse will be the replacement of the now modern internet. Moreover, it is designed using blockchains and decentralized applications. 

Venture capitalist and writer Matthew Ball said in an interview, “The metaverse is not just a ‘new Americas’ in that it’s more real estate. It’s a new canvas for individuals. It’s more like discovering the solar system, the galaxy.”

“We’re no longer talking about baking-soda-and-vinegar volcanoes, we are talking about a literal volcano, one that you can interrogate, that you can agitate, that you can understand at a microscopic level. Everything we thought of as the Magic School Bus starts to become real,” Ball added. 

As we know it, the metaverse will soon become mainstream for the next couple years.

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