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Wildxyz creates platform with a massive group of NFT artists

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Wildxyz – The Web3 space is home to many of the latest technology, and it is renowned as the home to several NFT platforms.

While projects come and go with similar missions, art, and utilities, Wildxyz is a unique project that is looking to elevate the NFT space

Founder and CEO J. Douglass Kobs is attempting to pioneer a unique approach in NFT which focuses on “experiential” art.

Wildxyz is also looking to build around a residency program that allows artists to immerse themselves in Web3 and create a community of fellow creators.


Wildxyz is employing a unique model that boasts a strong portfolio of big backers, including:

  • Actress Gwyneth Paltrow
  • LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman
  • Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin
  • Philadelphia 76ers President Daryl Morey

Recently, Wildxyz announced a Matrix Partners-led $7 million seed round with the investors among others.

Furthermore, the firm receives feedback from notable NFT artist Emily “pplpleasr” Yang.


Wildxyz launched last fall alongside its residency program and initial “Season 0” cohort that includes notable artists like Mitchell Chan, Aluna, and Harm van den Dorpel.

Each creator will release NFT-based works through the platform.

However, a Season 1 cohort is set to follow shortly.

The cohort will include names like Sarah Friend and Serwah Attufuah.

Sarah Friend is renowned for creating experimental blockchain projects.

Meanwhile, Attafuah has collaborated with GQ and Paris Hilton to create NFT drops.

  1. Douglass Kob is confident that Attafuah is set to become a household name.

Meanwhile, other artists participating include:

  • Jonas Lund
  • Nic Hamilton
  • Anna Lucia
  • Beryl
  • Lisa Odette
  • Gabriel Massan
  • Idil Dursun
  • Matto
  • Tim Maxwell

Furthermore, the Season 1 group is rounded off with:

  • StupidGiant
  • Santiago
  • Jerk Beasley
  • Nygilia
  • Sam Hains
  • Jenny Jiang
  • Yuma Yanagisawa
  • Mia Pixley

The cohort is a mixed group of artists from various places around the world, with some being more prominent than others while others holding deeper Web3 experiences.

The goal to curate a diverse group of artists seems to have been deliberate.

Wildxyz is creating unique pairings throughout the 12-week virtual residency program, helping the participants learn in that period.

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A unique community

Kobs said the residency will feature a slate of programming like artist-led classes to the groups, allowing them to share their skills and experiences.

Wildxyz will also have notable mentors join the cohort.

For example, in the initial group, pseudonymous generative audiovisual artist Deafbeef monitored artist Caleb Ogg’s progress as he prepared the launch for his Machines NFT drop.

According to Kobs, the residency is similar to a Y Combinator catered to artists.

It acts as an accelerator for creators to expand their Web3 skills before producing and launching new art through the platform.

He said the goal is to surround artists with experts and influences they can learn from.

It was developed with the goal of creating connections and community while producing distinctive blockchain art.

“I’m always excited to connect with and learn from any artist in any respect, but have always lacked some sort of structure, I guess,” said Attafuah.

“Wild[xyz] gives me a place to riff off of a really solid community of diversely talented creatives, and I really look forward to the Wild sessions as I take away so much more to reflect on.”

The Wildverse

The residency program is just the beginning of Wildxyz’s long-term goal: a destination for “experiential” art.

The startup is pouring everything into an immersive, spatial platform that can be experienced through either VR or AR.

While many prefer to call it a metaverse, Kobs and his team instead refer to it as the Wildverse as he believes “metaverse” has been “bastardized.”

Each NFT launch on Wildxyz will feature an immersive 3D environment that viewers can walk through.

For example, the Wild Oasis NFTs offer platform benefits and allow holders to explore a jungle setting.

The Machines NFTs hold 2D art pieces and a virtual gallery to view them.

“People want to be in spaces that they can explore, and where they can create an emotional connection to somebody that created work,” said Kob.

“That place doesn’t really exist digitally, in my experience. I haven’t found it.”

The concept of releasing projects like NFT-based interactive games might not seem like the best path to an immersive online art experience.

Instead, Kobs sees the present and future output of the cohorts as the right step into a thriving artist community that can support future Web3 endeavors.

“I think those building blocks are really incredible things built by incredible people, that we get to go explore and then talk about and learn about – and also meet people along the way,” said Kobs.

“I view it as this catalyst for us to build a space that I want to play in and learn in, and that I want to meet people and make these relationships in.”