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VRARA’s Immerse Global Summit to Venture into the Metaverse

Source: VRARA

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Association (VRARA) is set to hold the event Immerse Global Summit: Metaverse on Friday, December 17, starting at 15:00 and ending at 21:30 GMT. 

The future of digital communications is coming to life at this year’s Virtual Reality conference. The event will gather some of the world’s top-tier talent, and companies. And investors in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) industry together for an evening talk about what they perceive are going to be some critical topics that need confronting when it comes to constructing our next phase: Metaverse. 

The substantial summit is back by approximately 20 sponsors counting ROOOM, Matsuko, Vault Hill, Emergent, and Liquid Avatar. And many more, are commit to designing interoperable technologies for the platform ahead. More than 50,000 groups and individuals have been issue an invitation to network, connect, and engage, as stated by VRARA. 

Global Summit to Venture into the Metaverse

This event will explore the latest insights into how stakeholders plan to use Metaverse technology in their business operations. As well as discuss recent developments that have shaped our understanding of this emerging field.

Metaverse is an attempt to create a digital universe that can be use as the foundation for a new type of economy. They plan on creating this Metaverse with avatars, metahumans, and volumetric video capturing; Additionally, panels addressing blockchain and cryptocurrency, data privacy, and security are foreseen.

The highly-anticipated conference will be host to many top-name speakers. Including Meta, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo, Nokia, Disney, Amazon, Gucci, Verizon, Unity, Snap, Cisco, Glue, HTC VIVE, and many more. 

Participants can join the sessions through an online schedule to note event times on their agenda. And also in Google, Microsoft Exchange, and additional calendars. Attendees may join talks and polls, Q&A sessions, and connect with other speakers. 

In order to provide a comprehensive experience for all attendees, and those who can’t make it in time (or just want access after). Immerse Global Summit is providing on-demand recordings of sessions as well as slideshows with documentation.

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