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The Metaverse to Extend Pride Month Celebrations to All Corners of the World

The Metaverse bridges people worldwide to celebrate Pride Month

As the digital world has become more and more accessible, it’s no surprise that people are using these resources to create communities. The introduction of metaverses only makes this process easier by developing a safe space for everyone, regardless of their lifestyles or struggles – making Pride Month celebrations all the sweeter.

The Metaverse has created a safe space for people from all corners of the world to celebrate events that may be prohibited where they live. Akbar Hamid, co-founder at POC, recognized this influence and how it could benefit those who are restricted in their freedom. 

“We want Pride Month 2022 to be an event anyone can join, even in countries where people are not allowed to participate,” said Hamid.

In a time where some countries continue to criminalize being LGBTQIA+, POC collaborated with The Sandbox to launch an online space called Valley of Belonging for Pride Month. The collaboration is not just about visibility, it also creates safe spaces that provide resources on how individuals belonging in these communities can thrive during difficult periods or situations without fear because they know there will always be someone out there who understands.

“Marginalized communities tend to be left behind, so POC’s goal with Valley of Belonging is to ensure that each community has access to events they can openly participate in,” Hamid explained. “And given the current climate of rising discrimination against LGBTQIA+ and other minorities, there has never been a more important time to build a safe space that welcomes all.”

POC’s Valley of Belonging will consist of 8,430 NFT avatars representing various ethnicities and genders. This is done in order to achieve the goal “to belong.” The traits allow users to select from 36 skin shades with features that celebrate differences including prosthetic limbs or cultural identifiers such as a hijab.

“All of our avatars are non-binary, meaning they don’t identify with any gender or sexual orientation,” explained POC co-founder Simone Berry. “This is also the first NFT project in The Sandbox that allows users to customize avatars using pronouns.”

NYX Professional Makeup has joined The Sandbox to offer voxelized makeup looks that will further help drive adoption

“In order to demonstrate that makeup is genderless, all of the avatars in our mint, which will take place June 17, will feature makeup from NYX,” Berry explained.

NYX Professional Makeup’s Yasmin Dastmalchi speaks about the importance of creating spaces for communities to express themselves. She says that this partnership with POC and The Sandbox is vital in providing those who need it an opportunity at self-expression, adding that the Metaverse “has become a form of digital identity.”

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