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The High Society, an NFT Collection Celebrating People and Challenging Cannabis Stigma

In the year since non-fungible tokens rose astronomically and hogged the spotlight, the digital asset industry has witnessed the launch of tens of thousands of collections birthed by creators and companies highly cognizant of the value these blockchain-hosted units of data bring to the table. Apart from promising to deliver a long list of financial perks to holders, most of these projects hit the scene while armed with an overarching mission. Some hoped to raise awareness about today’s most pressing issues, and others intended to build communities of like-minded individuals. In the case of The High Society, an anticipated drop set to make waves on June 17, celebrating people and challenging the stigma around cannabis takes precedence. 

Born from the minds of two ex-Silicon Valley businessmen whose extensive experience in the entrepreneurial realm has allowed them to navigate the waters of the NFT scene and spot the gaps that continue to exist in the field, The High Society was established to address one primary concern in the industry: the lack of collections raising a toast to people as they are.

“This project was put together because the team saw a massive gap in the space that needed to be filled – a genuine appreciation for who we are as humans,” shared the go-getters spearheading the conceptualization, development, and eventual launch of The High Society. “No funny animal characters, no monkeys, just a reflection of us as humans in the Metaverse.”

By introducing The High Society, its founders wish to convey a powerful message of unity and acceptance of people from all walks of life. Along with this, they also aim to bring attention to a part of the current culture that is often embroiled in misperceptions and stereotypes – cannabis. Ultimately, the goal is to capitalize on the reach and influence of NFTs to erase the stigma that surrounds the cannabis community. 

On June 17, The High Society will open for minting 10,000 of its must-have tokens, all of which will give token holders access to a social club that offers an impressive roster of benefits for its members. The collection features tokenized artworks of human faces wrapped around a cannabis bong and includes variations and derivatives of the world’s most prominent celebrities.

Currently, the team at the helm of The High Society is religiously adhering to a planned roadmap that includes not only the minting of the 10,000 Trail-Blazers but also the development of 3D NFTs and collaborations with other industry power players and more. 

Although additional details about The High Society are yet to be revealed, the project is already generating considerable buzz. In turn, its creators are looking forward to meeting the expectations of all of their potential holders and gearing up for the launch of the collection on the blockchain.

“Let’s lift each other up. Light up, enjoy the vibes, and most importantly, welcome to The High Society,” invited the founders of the upcoming collection. 

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