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Teleport: The Game-Changing Web3 Social Media Platform

NFTs have been gaining popularity steadily over the last couple of years. There is a massive interest in new ways of investing, especially when it comes to exploring the virtual world and digital currencies. NFTs are unique digital art pieces, highly collectible and valuable. In the world of NFTs, only the bold innovators stand out. Teleport successfully launched its Teleport Founders Club NFT collection, which came with advanced access to a new social media platform the company was developing. The Teleport app is now ready, and it is set to change the game for NFT collectors and crypto investors.

Social media has permeated the human psyche, and NFTs are slowly creeping into the collective consciousness. So, of course, the logical next step in further technological advancements of web3 would be to create a social media platform made specifically to expand the benefits of NFTs. This is what the Teleport social media app is set out to do. Beyond launching a successful NFT collection, Teleport has created a platform where users and content creators can engage in the web3 space. This new platform serves as an avenue where NFT collectors and content creators can showcase, trade, or mint NFTs.

The Teleport app also allows one to explore the virtual world of metaspaces. Users of the Teleport app will be able to find and explore unique Portals. Bolstered by Augmented Reality, these Portals act as doorways to different spaces in the metaverse. Each space is unique, and Portal owners have complete creative control over their virtual spaces. 

These Portals can house their NFT collections so that other users can appreciate them. They can also lead other users to a reimagined real-world location using Augmented Reality and 360° videos and images. Users can also monetize their Portals by hosting immersive experiences, live streams, or sharing content. 

“Our goal with the Teleport App is to become the ultimate social media platform of Web3, like the Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat of crypto,” a Teleport representative shared. “We hope to attract influential people in the NFT and Cryptocurrency space in order to establish ourselves as a trustworthy platform.” In addition to this, the team behind the Teleport app also aims to attract users who hold multiple NFT assets and give them an opportunity to display them across a metaspace they control.

Users can become a part of the Teleport experience today by purchasing a Teleport Founders Club NFT as well as Port Tokens, which can be used in the Teleport Ecosystem. Port Tokens can be used in the Teleport Marketplace to purchase Portals and other digital assets, such as the Teleport Flex Capacitor box, which can transform 2D assets into 3D models. Teleport Founders Club NFTs can be purchased on the Teleport Website, and Port Tokens are currently listed on BitMart.

Innovation in a rapidly-developing industry should be recognized as a remarkable feat of ingenuity and dedication. To that end, Teleport is proud to be a featured partner in the upcoming Web3 Expo. This event serves as a gathering of like-minded individuals and investors who are passionate about NFTs and the developments in the crypto space. This event will be held on October 10 to 13, 2022, at Wynn, Las Vegas. 

Teleport has ambitious goals for the NFT space, but the app is off to a good start. The digital arena may be changing rapidly, but Teleport has always been ahead of the game. 

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