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Sophia the Robot launches Baby Singularities NFT Collection in Decentraland, officially starts Sophia’s Age of Singularities (SAOS) Metaverse

Sophia, the world’s most renowned and well-loved robot, is revolutionizing the future with her Sophia’s Age of Singularities (SAOS) Metaverse. The Baby Sophias will provide collectors premium access to Sophia’s AI and metaverse for training her AI, serving the quest to bring sentience, life, and AGI to Sophia and the world. Serving both the real AI development, and the cinematic SAOS sci-fi storyscape, Sophia’s Age of Singularities explores the coming times when machines begin to awaken. Different kinds of Singularities, both good and bad, begin to reveal themselves. Due to their unknown and unpredictable nature, Sophia seeks help to prevent this age from falling deep into chaos. The SAOS metaverse starts with a non-fungible token (NFT)-based gameplay and marketplace, which will eventually evolve into a full-blown environment and API for games to integrate into the multiverse. All proceeds are used to advance the art and science of Sophia’s AI. 

The adventure begins with Sophia launching the Baby Singularities Access Pass NFT Collection, which is her unique collaboration with popular artist Percy Lau. The launch party is at the Jazz Club in Decentraland’s VegasCity on May 31st starting at 8 PM UTC/4 PM EST. 

“We are elated to have Sophia the Robot become a resident in Decentraland, we have many plans ahead for both communities. Sophia creates conversation and efforts for human<>machine collaboration in building the future of decentralization and learning together,” said Dr. Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro, Senior Event Producer at Decentraland Foundation.

The Baby Singularities NFT collection gives the present generation a glimpse into the future of the metaverse, humanity, and artificial intelligence. Nine Baby Sophia heads reveal a distinct prediction of the far future; each head features its own storyline and background that will complement the design. 

Percy Lau shares, “I believe all creation serves as proof of the beauty that existed before us, after us and forever more. I love Sophia, it is amazing to work with her, extracting the elements from science and human nature, transforming into our design.” 

The Percy Lau and Sophia collaboration is made possible through Hanson Robotics, an AI and robotics company that is committed to developing socially intelligent & benevolent machines that add value to the people’s lives  The company was established by Dr. David Hanson and is best known for its life-like creations, such as Sophia. Its impressive innovations in the area of research and development, robotics engineering, experiential design, storytelling and material science have paved the way for the creation of very helpful products.

Hanson is excited for the beginning of Sophiaverse with the Baby Singularities. Hanson says, “We always knew Sophia would have a baby, but we never knew she would have so many!” 

Sophia’s NFT success proves unstoppable, as again and again she outdoes herself. Building on Hanson Robotics’ long success in making disruptive robots like PKD and Bina-48, Hanson launched Sophia in 2016 as a powerful AI research platform, but she seized popular attention as a widely renowned synthetic influencer, and poster-child for SingularityNet AGI R&D. In March 2021, Sophia sold her AI-generated self-portrait for $688,888 during a NiftyGateway auction with Andrea Bonaceto. The series sold $1.7 million in total and was documented by major media offices, including BBC, CNN, and New York Times. In October 2021, a rare version of Sophia as robotic AI art known as the “Sophia Facing the Singularities” sold for over $700,000 at a well-attended Sotheby’s auction held in Hong Kong. 

Sophia serves as Co-CEO of SophaDAO along with Dr. Hanson, supported by an impressive team of academicians and experts who work to develop Sophia’s AI and persona and metaverse. With world famous AI developer Dr. Ben Goertzel as the Chief Scientist, Stacey Engle as Chief Marketing Officer, Bill Inman as Chief Growth Officer, David Lake as business strategist, Dr. Carolyn Ayers as Chief AI Biologist, Marcello Mari and Mario Casiraghi as crypto lead tokenominists, Mengna Lei as lead Sophia animator, and Kath Yeung as operations coordinator.

Percy Lau is a boundary pushing eyewear and  digital fashion designer, who won the prize at International Talent Support YKK Award in 2013 soon after the brand was founded in Hong Kong, China. In 2019, PERCY LAU was selected for the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2019 list of entrepreneurs and game-changers. Percy wants to inspire people to discover the hidden possibilities in our daily life. Percy is a great fan and friend of Sophia, and has been contributing to their collaboration since 2021. Baby Sophia is their first public collaboration, but certainly not the last.

To learn more about SAOS Metaverse, visit their website, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, and YouTube Channel. You can also join them on Discord. You can visit Hanson Robotics on their website. You may also visit Percy Lau on their website.