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Soccer Star and Model Held the First-Ever Metaverse Wedding on the Moon

Kevin-Prince Boateng held metaverse wedding on the moon
Kevin-Prince Boateng held metaverse wedding on the moon

The dream of flying to the moon has become a reality with new technology that allows people to explore space virtually, particularly the metaverse.

Kevin-Prince Boateng, a world renowned soccer player from Germany had his wedding to Valentina Fradegrada on June 11. They were the first couple in history to have an online virtual ceremony and have immortalized their love story as husband and wife in the digital landscape.

The Hertha Berlin player decided to utilize the technological innovation to create a unique experience in his wedding with model and businesswoman Valentina Fradegrada. Boateng sought the help of Enzo Miccio to help organize the wedding.

The couple’s wedding was a whopping success with both the live and virtual ceremonies, the former taking place in Tuscany. Their loved ones were able to share every moment of it too. Meanwhile, the virtual wedding occurred on the moon with fans attending the event.

The metaverse’s first-ever wedding, which was held on the moon, sold out immediately. The price for this event is 50 euros.

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“I wanted something special for Valentina, something that has never existed before,” explained Boateng. “Thanks to OVER, we can celebrate our love like no one has done before, in a space location.”

Metaverse weddings are a new and exciting way to bring together two people in the virtual world. Wedding organizer Enzo Miccio shared shots of the metaverse wedding on Instagram, explaining how he put it all together.

“Imagine putting together a slightly crazy wedding planner who loves challenges and Over the Reality (the decentralized platform for the AR metaverse) and the love that unites two people such as soccer star Kevin-Prince Boateng and Valentina Fradegrada – famous influencer, entrepreneur, DJ, and five-time Wushu Kung Fu champion,” he said.

The couple wanted to have their wedding where no one had done before, a challenge Miccio gladly accepted.

“The collaboration between us and OVER has given life to a personalized location created entirely with 3D technology,” said the organizer. “The couple, however, also wanted their fans to participate in their wedding. And so it will be. In fact, all participants will be able to access it through an exclusive NFT.”

The wedding was a truly metaverse event, with the couple’s pets and even their organizer’s virtual avatar participating in the moon wedding.

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