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Paradox Metaverse’s Paradox Coin ($PARA) Public Presale To Be Held on Multiple Tier 1 Launchpads Including Their Own

The Paradox Metaverse launch cycle is in full swing. Boasting its own entire ecosystem of utility and functionality, one of the most important pieces to the puzzle comes in the form of its own token dubbed Paradox Coin ($PARA). $PARA is set to be available for public presale on November 14, 2022, across multiple tier 1 launchpads, including its own ParaPAD, a token launchpad built within the Paradox ecosystem.

The highly coveted public presale is one of the many ways people can become early adopters of groundbreaking projects like Paradox Metaverse. For starters, these public presales usually have discounted rates, allowing more community members to jump in on the action. Furthermore, by opting into a public presale, individuals can ensure that they can grab their valuable tokens before they inevitably run out. With the massive hype surrounding Paradox Metaverse, this could very well last for only a couple of minutes before the tokens run out. 

$PARA has made significant strides in establishing itself as a high-value token even before Paradox Metaverse has even fully released. As such, prominent launchpads such as Blokpad and Enjinstarter have already listed these tokens on their exchanges, solidifying Paradox Metaverse as a project to look out for.  

Coming in hot, Blokpad is one of the best launchpads on the blockchain. Dubbed the eighth wonder of the crypto world, Blokpad is an exclusive blockchain incubation and launchpad service designed to be the nerve center and reference point of the industry. Paradox Coin is in great hands with Blokpad as the upcoming $PARA token joins the ranks of highly successful token presales on the launchpad, such as Plutonians, MechaChain, GalaxyBlitz, and many more. 

On the other hand, EnjinStarter is one of the top-tier blockchain launchpads focused on Gamefi/Metaverse/NFT/Music/Move2Earn and Gamified utility projects, of which Paradox Metaverse is part. Prominent projects that have been part of the EnjinStarter portfolio include Alterverse, Defina, PathDAO, and many more.

Most recently, Paradox proudly announced the most exciting launchpad feature of them all, Poolz. This launchpad is the single largest one in the entire crypto world, and brings unmatched reach to the Paradox Ecosystem. To give perspective on the magnitude of Poolz, they have done over $333M in project volume just in the past 30 days.

While there are tier 1 launchpads that are willing to sell $PARA tokens, the Paradox Ecosystem also proudly takes matters into its own hands. By utilizing the project’s proprietary launchpad, ParaPAD users will only need to go through a simple click-and-confirm process with no roadblocks. This transaction also foregoes staking a certain amount of other launchpads’ native tokens just to obtain a chance to get in, ensuring that potential token holders will be able to seamlessly purchase their tokens without the involvement of a third-party launchpad. The best way to purchase $PARA tokens will always be through ParaPAD, where everything is done within the Paradox Ecosystem, in-house, hassle-free, and with no additional costs.

The upcoming public presale can’t come soon enough. Countless gaming enthusiasts have been hyped about Paradox Metaverse since its initial announcement, and with the $PARA token’s release looming on the horizon, a revolutionary gaming experience is finally ready to make its mark on the gaming industry. 

Mark your calendars for the $PARA token public presale on November 14, 2022, and get ready to enter a new world of experiences with Paradox Metaverse.

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