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NFT Project Stepn Pioneers the Integration of NFTs and Exercise

Stepn provides an opportunity to earn while walking, jogging, or running
Stepn provides an opportunity to earn while walking, jogging, or running

The digital world was excited when the prospect of virtual and augmented reality edged closer to reality with last year’s announcement from metaverse. Since then, NFT projects have been working hard on integrating their tokens or avatars into this new immersive environment so that they can get in early.

With the use of augmented reality, players are able to experience new worlds and items that exist only in their imagination. Stepn strives for creativity by incorporating exercise with play-to earn gaming.

FindSatoshi Lab built an app that allows users to earn money through various activities for a specific period of time. The more they exercise, the better their chances at earning revenue.

This project is powered by Solana’s platform which provides opportunities such as walking or running in order to make real-life changes within communities all over the world.

Stepn is a new gaming app that rewards its users with the GST cryptocurrency. It can be credited to either an in-game wallet or imported externally. Players must first purchase its sneaker NFTs  before they are able to play games on the Stepn platform for additional benefits like higher stats.

The Stepn NFT sneakers are unique in that they can be traded on secondary markets and have commandeered high prices ranging from $400 to $100k. To maximize its characteristics, including resilience, luck , comfort, efficiency, and energy, users must upgrade their sneakers.

The most important of the characteristics is energy. New users start with two units (which equals to a total of ten minutes). For longer earning sessions and more energy, users will have to buy more sneakers and balance the  cost of new energy slots.

Prospective players will need to use SOL, GST and GMT in order to play Stepn. Users can get an unlimited supply of GSTs while GMT is capped at 6 billion, which are only available by upgrading the sneakers past level 30.

Despite Stepn’s great potential to thrive, the project faced trouble in China following the crypto market crash and was unable to provide services for its Chinese users due to a law that prohibits storing citizens’ GPS data.

It has been reported that Stepn also suffered a series of distributed denial-of-service or DDoS attacks after its launch, forcing the developers to warn users about possible maintenance interruptions in recording exercises.

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