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MediaCoin City is Open for Business in the Metaverse

MediaCoin LLC recently announced its launch of MediaCoin City, the company’s new Metaverse platform built using Unreal Engine 5, as a means of creating more unique opportunities to connect users with the MediaCoin LLC brand and community. Purchasing a MediaCoin LLC NFT will grant users immediate access to MediaCoin City, as well as provide them with future access to any future Metaverse opportunities the company may develop.

MediaCoin LLC offers four different NFT lines that entitle owners to access the new MediaCoin City Metaverse platform. The MusicCryptoGeeks, TechnoViking, KillaApes, and NotMusicCryptoPunks lines are all live and available for purchase on OpenSea, each coming with early access to the MediaCoin City build-out and their own set of benefits for users.

“Each of our NFT Collections and their associated attributes are ready to unlock MediaCoin City experiences and applications,” explained MediaCoin LLC’s founder and CEO Jeff Freiberger, in a press release earlier this summer. “An NFT is more than just an investment in MediaCoin City, our evolving Metaverse platform created in Unreal Engine 5. Our NFT memberships offer utility in virtual reality and the real world as they are backed with real-world assets.”

The real-world and virtual benefits of MediaCoin City

MediaCoin LLC’s NFT offerings are designed with utility in mind — both within the company’s virtual Metaverse and the real world. For example, purchasing a MusicCryptoGeeks NFT allows its holder to participate in various music video projects with several well-known artists in MediaCoin City. Additionally, owning a MusicCryptoGeeks NFT means users may get the opportunity to attend a concert in virtual reality from one of their favorite musicians.

Perhaps the biggest draw of MediaCoin City is that it will allow users to connect with their fellow NFT owners on a deeper, more meaningful level. Building a community is one of the main drivers of success in any NFT project, and the Metaverse enables a more personal, open connection between owners. In the majority of cases, two people who purchase an NFT from a particular line tend to be like-minded and share similar interests or hobbies. For example, if you buy a MusicCryptoGeeks NFT, you are likely a fan of the same music as other users, so participating in MediaCoin City’s NFT offerings will allow you to connect with other music fans who share similar tastes.

The experiences that MediaCoin City offers will also be highly appealing for owners of these NFT lines because they are specifically tailored to the tastes of that particular audience. For MusicCryptoGeeks, there will be a focus on virtual music venues; for TechnoVikings, there will be a virtual Viking-themed world. It’s a build-out that is as varied in its potential possibilities and utilities as MediaCoin LLC’s NFT lines are, ensuring that there is something to make every NFT owner feel like they are truly a part of the MediaCoin City community.

Expanding the possibilities of the metaverse

MediaCoin LLC also hopes to use MediaCoin City to explore the greater possibilities that the Metaverse has for its users. Not only will MediaCoin City have entertainment offerings — like virtual concerts, games, and more — but it will also push the limits of what can be done and created in the Metaverse, with practical uses like college-level classes or access to medical attention conducted using virtual reality. This will help grow the Metaverse from a world made purely for amusement to one that could have significant implications on how we live in the real world.

MediaCoin LLC’s newly-minted tokens will serve as the in-world currency, or “V-bucks,” of MediaCoin City. As the company’s various projects and retail integrations continue to grow, so too will the value of the MediaCoin LLC’s coin. Using this token as the in-game currency will allow seamless transactions, as the convertible cryptocurrency can cash out to your bank account in USD, or any currency of your choice, without the need for a Bitpay payment processor.

MediaCoin City aims to be a fantastic way for anyone interested in purchasing an NFT to interact with fellow members of their community. From music fans to Viking enthusiasts, MediaCoin LLC’s NFT lines offer plenty of variety that will surely appeal to anyone looking to participate in this unique Metaverse opportunity. With benefits in both real life and virtual reality, there is no reason not to buy one of these NFTs.