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Max Mao Leads Industries towards Digital Age through Visual Rebranding


The emergence of the digital age transformed various lives and industries in more ways than one. Today’s technological advancements and innovative approaches pushed enterprises and entities to step up their game and develop a competitive edge unlike any other. Max Mao is one such powerhouse that has taken advantage of the power of technology and created several innovative breakthroughs. 

Max Mao is a Toronto- and Shanghai-based visual artist currently making waves for his innovative and all-out approach to art. While countless artists remain steadfast in their traditional ways, this go-getting artist takes a step further by consistently defying odds and transcending limitations. As a result, most of his works are experimental pieces emphasizing his forward-thinking disposition and incredible artistry.

By drawing inspiration from science fiction, fantasy, and post-modern art, Max Mao creates personal artworks that deliver a strong visual impact and guide those unfamiliar with recent technological advancements towards familiarity. As a matter of fact, his artwork entitled “The Last Drone” speaks volumes of his purpose-driven vision, capturing the hearts of many individuals and entities across the space. The piece was sold for 3.61 ETH, which was roughly valued at $9,000 at that time.

As an artist who aims to revolutionize art, particularly in the digital age, Max Mao has made it his mission to successfully merge the traditional gaming and music scene into the world of Web3.0. With industries slowly transitioning towards this new era, he has found it inevitable to lead individuals and entities towards visual rebranding. For this reason, aside from creating personal artworks, Max has taken it upon himself to develop a strategy that helps people and businesses in their quest for success in these modern times. His visionary disposition and talents have led him to some of the most promising collaborations across the space, such as Gameover Talent, Nomad Media Club and more. The most notable one is Star Atlas, with which Max has had the pleasure of working in the past year.

“Industries have slowly adapted to the technological era, most particularly the gaming and music scene, but they don’t have the strategy to transition themselves towards the digital age. Thus, I am helping them with branding visually that is most fitting to today’s trends in the market,” explained Max.

On top of helping brands transition themselves towards the modern era, Max Mao also aims to catalyze change by taking a step further for artists across the space, particularly on ownership rights. In the Web2.0 realm, ownership belongs to corporations, giving artists an unfair share of their works. As an artist himself, Max understood this gap and wanted to change the system by giving more credit to artists and allowing them to enjoy their rights. “There should be a power shift – artists should be in complete control of their work,” he explained. “Growing up in a traditional Chinese household, being a digital artist had never been perceived as a prestigious career path. “Get a real job that’s stable” was something I used to hear all the time. But with the fast-changing media landscape, there is nothing that is stable. The conventional career approach is simply outdated. The uncertainty of exploring and capitalizing on your passion is so beautiful. I hope to inspire the next wave that being a digital artist is something to look forward to,” he added.

In the coming years, Max Mao envisions himself as one of the leading authorities across the digital space. As he continues to reach impressive heights, he aims to introduce more innovative breakthroughs in the future, becoming a force that propels others towards the fruition of their dreams.

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