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Justin Kan, Cofounder of Twitch, Announced Fractal Launch on Solana

Source: Entrepreneur

Fractal will be the go-to place for investors who want to make a digital killing in this crypto boom.

On Monday, Twitch cofounder Justin Kan announced the launch of Fractal, a marketplace for gaming-related NFTs, giving Web 3 gaming one more boost. 

The new platform will serve as a primary marketplace for players to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) directly from game companies. With the aim being that they can use these in-game. It also hopes to provide an outlet where peer-to-peer trading between gamers is possible too. 

“People have always been able to make real money playing video games,” Justin Kan said in an interview. “What we’re seeing with Web 3 gaming, it feels like a natural development towards ownership gamers have always wanted.”


A number of new partnerships have been announced for the company. According to a press release expected in the weeks ahead. Kan has been a dynamic investor in Web 3 gaming currently. As a result, the Solana-based mafia game “Syn City” raised a whopping $8 million funding round. 

The Web 3 gaming sector has been on full display following Ubisoft’s announcement of its first NFT integration last week. In addition, investors show their continuous support with much belief and lump sums of money. However, the sector is yet to convince a few more non-crypto gamers. 

Funds are pouring into gaming, with new funds being raised at an unprecedented rate. In November, Lightspeed and FTX raised a $100 million fund. As well as Hashed with a $200 million fund for gaming on Terra in December. 

Fractal is looking to leverage the low costs and high transaction speeds of blockchain technology for gaming companies that have a need starting with Solana NFTs, according to their blog post. They plan on integrating other blockchains into their platform in future too, said a representative.