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International Filmmaker Amplifies His Vision of Elevating the Entertainment Realm Through Departed Apes NFTs

Stephen Fung took center stage in one of the most anticipated web 3.0 events in New York.

(NEW YORK, 20 July 2022) It is easy to envision a future filled with innovative breakthroughs. However, turning this vision into reality is a whole other story. A great number of aspirants have had their fair share of attempts to make their visions of a better and more innovative world into a possible reality, but only a few have managed to reach this goal with grace and finesse. Among those that have made significant strides is international filmmaker Stephen Fung.

For many years, the sphere of entertainment has been riddled with countless successful milestones that speak volumes of one’s passion, creativity, and dedication. However, Stephen Fung has upped the ante by doing more than just reaching impressive heights. This power player aims to cement himself by mashing Hollywood with Web3.0 through his recently released NFT collection, Departed Apes.

Being a visionary who aims to revolutionize the entertainment realm, Stephen Fung goes all out to achieve this goal by embracing his newfound passion for digital arts. As a matter of fact, the international actor and director kicked off the Departed Apes Collection in NFT.NYC, a leading NFT event organized in New York City annually. Through this collection, he seeks to bridge the gap within the entertainment industry, achieving innovative milestones one step at a time.

“Revealing an NFT reminds me of opening a new toy on Christmas. Okay, I may be able to do this; I’m in the business of evoking emotions,” shared Stephen Fung.

Departed Apes is a collection of 8027 characters that live on the Ethereum blockchain. They roam in the parallel universe of the internationally acclaimed crime thriller Infernal Affairs. Crafted by Marvel Cover Artist Logan Lubera, this NFT collection not only speaks volumes of Stephen Fung’s vision of success but also boasts colors that exude excellence in every stroke.

Before taking the reins of Departed Apes, Stephen Fung co-founded Grid6 Studios alongside Media Asia Group and Everest Venture Group with a vision of bringing cinematic storytelling to Web3.0. As a renowned filmmaking personality who had recognized the ever-changing characteristic of a cutthroat industry, Stephen saw the need to step up and create revolutionary initiatives that would not only elevate the scene but also serve as a guiding force for hopefuls across the space. For this reason, Grid6 stands on a mission to become a beacon of hope, particularly during these ever-evolving times.

“Our community is essential to us; we want to build a platform that aspiring directors, producers, writers, actors, critics or movie fans would love. They can take part in a future milestone, which is the Departed Apes animation feature. We will also begin by holding AMAs, also known as Ask Me Anything, with accomplished guest speakers from all over the world,” shared Stephen.

As Stephen Fung continues to be on track to greatness, he hopes to transform his purpose-driven vision into action by launching NFTs that speak volumes of the industry’s promising future. Through this revolutionary move, he seeks to kick-start a community of driven individuals who share the same passion for the craft within Web3.0.