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Iconic Maverick NFT is Carving a Path of Its Own in the Growing Digital Art Market

The NFT industry is rife with opportunities and massive potential value. The meteoric rise of the medium has paved the way for the future of modern art. NFT enthusiasts, avid collectors, and investors alike have gravitated towards this emerging technology, and the perks and rewards have been nothing short of breathtaking. 2021 has seen the drastic evolution of the medium, making its way into the mainstream with various projects coming out of the woodwork with loyal communities behind them.

The highly anticipated Iconic Mavericks is poised to take the NFT industry by storm, offering unique 3D-rendered digital art pieces that set the project apart from the typical 2D cartoon art styles that pervade the market today. The NFT is specifically designed for people with a deep passion for entrepreneurial pursuits looking to build a life on their terms. The Iconic Maverick NFT utilizes Criss Bellini’s art to great lengths, offering entirely unique tokens for investors and collectors to sink their teeth into. 

Criss Bellini is a Swedish-based artist whose artistic stylings are deeply rooted in hip-hop culture and street style. As an artist, Criss dabbles in digital and traditional paintings, using acrylic or oil before photographing and printing them with museum-quality materials. “With digital art, I’m able to mix it up with new variations and increase the quality of my artworks,” shared the esteemed artist. “You will still get the artistic, original painted feel to the prints when you hang them on your wall.”

The Iconic Mavericks NFT consists of a collection of 8,884 NFTs made up of hundreds of unique visual traits and attributes created by Criss Bellini. The NFTs include different types of traits inspired by the world’s most iconic brands. The collection is built out of free-standing sculptures representing what we choose to celebrate and memorialize, blending an iconic treasure with traits from modern-day culture. “While the universe expands, our brand grows, and collectors can expect exclusive access to the latest products, art, merchandise, and events through ownership,” explained the Iconic Maverick developers. 

Holders of the highly anticipated NFT will gain the right to vote on community-driven features, future products, exclusive art, and exclusive access to high-quality events. They will also have access to connect, learn, and grow from real entrepreneurs who have grown seven to nine-figure businesses in the world of e-commerce, real estate, NFTs, art, marketing, and many more.

Furthermore, the Iconic Maverick developers have promised holders and its loyal community members more ways to reap the rewards of owning their iconic token. Prospective holders will be given lifetime access to mastermind events, merchandise, and digital and physical gifts as perks of simply owning an Iconic Maverick token. “Our Iconic Mavericks represent the drive and hunger we all possess when determined to attain one’s desires,” shared the developers. “The ones who set out to create their own, unbothered by rejection. They stand for the better of the world that they set out to create with their visions and creations, a club where all are welcome – the troublemakers who haven’t found their place, those who never fit in, those living life on their own terms, the people who don’t settle for mediocrity, the people who don’t need clarifications.”

Details of the project can be found on the project’s Twitter and Instagram, and holders can join the Discord channel to get daily updates. NFT enthusiasts, collectors, and investors alike are already on the lookout for Iconic Maverick NFTs. The feverish anticipation is highly warranted as there is no other NFT in the market that possesses the amount of longevity and value that Iconic Mavericks provide. The Iconic Maverick NFTs will be available for minting at 0.2 ETH on March 25, 2022. Once holders mint their NFTs, they can connect their wallets to their OpenSea account to view their NFTs.