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Global Bears Club NFT Making the World Better in Its Fight Against Global Warming

The digital world has experienced a major shift with non-fungible tokens over the past year, and now digital enthusiasts have keyed completely into the limitless possibilities that this digital innovation holds. Every day, new projects spring up, promising different benefits and perks to holders and offering to contribute to making the world better. Now, a new project poised to make the rounds is Global Bears Club NFT, dedicated to fighting global warming and contributing to wildlife preservation.

Global Bears Club NFT is a collection of 8,888 3D bears with unique traits that took Eduardo de Jesús, the artist, hundreds of hours to develop. Each finished artwork features a high level of precision and quality, and the accessories present in each artwork define the perks and benefits holders have access to. One of the accessories on each character is the lanyard which gives holders access and exclusive VIP access to the different perks the collection promises. Other accessories include a variety of fur colors such as camo, merle, pink, and mechanical, and jewelry made from high-quality realistic materials offering high rarity in the collection. Behind the project is Ronnie Banks, the founder, and his team of developers and artists passionate about details, transparency, and community building. 

The collection is based on the Ethereum blockchain, offering an extensive roadmap that rewards holders and helps the world fight against global warming. The creators behind Global Bears Club NFT aim to connect with NFT enthusiasts and community-minded people passionate about making changes in the world. “We are proud of what we’re doing to deliver change to the world and providing donations to nonprofits and our holders. We want a community that is responsive and can work together for the ultimate purpose,” a spokesperson for the creative team said.

The project is driven primarily by the earth’s situation with the wildfires in 2021, which burned 7 million acres of land globally. Global Bears Club NFT hopes to mitigate the effects of these wildfires and nip in the bud the planet’s long-term warming trend of global temperatures, which currently stand at 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit (0.85 degrees Celsius) above the average for NASA’s baseline period. Also, the earth losing 1.2 trillion tons of ice per year and the Arctic at the risk of not having any ice by 2040 are more reasons why the creators are committed to bringing the project to life.

Global Bears Club NFT recently opened its Discord channel to the public for prospective holders to be in pole position to mint the NFT. It also promises 12 ETH in giveaways to its holders while dedicating a portion of proceeds from its sales to help fight global warming and make the earth more habitable for wildlife. Once the project goes live, interested holders can get it from OpenSea.