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Drivyn Performance: A DAO For Racing

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

Drivyn, the world’s leading high-tech education platform for Tesla drivers and enthusiasts, is going fully autonomous. Concurrent with building a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, the driving platform has appointed OG Arabian Prince as Chief Executive Officer of its new Drivyn Performance racing subsidiary. Prince, a founding member of West Coast rap supergroup N.W.A., is both a racing enthusiast and longtime tech entrepreneur. 

The development of the world’s first racing DAO is welcome news to the blockchain community. The so-called “Crypto Winter” has caused the prices of popular crypto tokens and NFTs to plummet over the past several weeks. Drivyn Performance’s DAO, however, is a first-of-its-kind project that will open the Metaverse to an unserved demographic: racers and racing enthusiasts.

Now, say Drivyn executives, the project has an expert driver at the wheel. “Arabian Prince brings a wealth of experience and technical expertise to our company, and we are thrilled to have him join this project,” observes Sam Rabinowitz, CEO of Drivyn. “In many respects, blockchain technology is in its infancy. The success Arabian has had with other projects bodes very well for this exciting new DAO.”

The project is actually Prince’s second major blockchain platform to launch over the past year. The first, MdDAO, is creating an interactive community of healthcare consumers and medical professionals. Prince has repeatedly said that he hopes MdDAO will reimagine the future of healthcare in the Metaverse. He seems to be just as ambitious with his newest venture, which he says will, “take high-performance driving and racing to the next level.”

Prince’s appointment to CEO of Drivyn Performance was unanimous and should significantly accelerate the project’s development, even as other Metaverse projects take a step back to regroup. Drivyn Performance’s official press release makes it clear that the pedal is already being put to the metal.

“The technology offered through blockchain has the capability to revolutionize the way a community of interested participants interacts and engages,”  Arabian says “When you can develop a platform that harnesses the power of collective knowledge and innovative thinking, the limits are endless.” 

DAOs are blockchain-based community projects that allow token-holders to submit proposals to the community; proposals with a predetermined number of votes then execute automatically. The Drivyn Performance community will not only be composed of Tesla and other EV owners, but blockchain and racing enthusiasts, environmental innovators, consumers, automotive experts, and others. Community members will vote on key aspects of the design, functionality, and direction of what Drivyn calls the first decentralized racing metaverse. Its new CEO says that early priorities include developing the first carbon-neutral race track, as well as an advanced simulator for electric vehicles and creating a racing metaverse. As is standard industry practice, exclusive memberships are being offered with associated governing benefits, in addition to what the project calls a “robust” list of exclusive perks and VIP privileges. 

Overall, Drivyn Performance’s goal is to be the racing industry’s leader of the next century.  As for Prince, he will continue his involvement in multiple other tech projects, including MdDAO. “From a technological standpoint, healthcare and racing are complementary projects,” he says. “The Metaverse is simply the user’s virtual destination; once they enter the portal, we’ll take them where they want to go, be it the emergency room or the race track finish line.”

Drivyn Performance will be participating in and sponsoring several high-profile events this summer, including the Tesla Take Over Event on August 6, 2022, the Las Vegas Zero Run on September 30, 2022, the Tesla Women’s Picnic, and the Electric Vehicle Association’s Drive Earth Electric Day. To be the first to know when membership sales are open to the public, you can pre-register here.