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Dead Ape Club Introduces Customization to NFT Marketplace

Just one month after its birth, Dead Ape Club is already making waves.

Today, the NFT world is becoming more and more mainstream, attracting people of all ages. The biggest institutional investors, stars from the fashion world, films, and sports are always looking for innovative projects to collaborate with.  Today there are hundreds of collections being created every week, but Dead Ape Club decided to stand out by introducing a revolutionary new feature…ITEMS CUSTOMIZATION.

Dead Ape Club was born with the idea of creating a fully customizable collection, allowing owners to add or replace items to their NFT, which is not possible in current collections. Currently when you buy an NFT, this is chosen in a completely random way among all the pieces of the collection and it is very common to find a piece with “features” not very rare and not modifiable; this makes it difficult to sell. In the case of the Dead Ape Club project, this does not happen. Each feature of the NFT can be removed or replaced through the use of their website in which store you can buy new items, from T-shirts, caps to glasses, and so on. This detail is not trivial because the intention of the Teams is to create collaborations with fashion brands eager to enter the NFT business by creating branded accessories to be worn by the avatar. Imagine an NFT completely dressed with high fashion garments…something that evolves over time, continuing to increase its value.

As if that wasn’t enough, in the last phase of the project, Dead Ape Club will introduce other privileges for holders, including access to a unique Metaverse that will take the form of an island immersed in a tropical forest on which it will be possible to build commercial activities such as bars, stores, discos, and much more. We know that the Metaverse could be the second era of digital gold on the internet, and this project certainly has all the credentials to be part of it.