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Crazy Frog Is Back and Won’t Cancel NFTs Despite Major Backlash

Source: NME

It looks like Crazy Frog is determine to bring its atrocious music into everyone’s homes, despite being met with major backlash.

So the bizarre naked frog from last decade is back with a new single and promising an album soon. According to a press release that arrived alongside “Tricky”. It seems like he might just be keeping his arms (and legs) busy in our future.

“Tricky” is a Eurodance remix of Run DMC’s “It’s Tricky”. A total of 1.5 million individuals have seen the music video since it was release last Thursday.

Crazy Frog NFT

Crazy Frog has jumped into the crypto bandwagon. Although there were unofficial launches of the Crazy Frog NFT that are consider to be scams. The real Crazy Frog NFT launch will be on the Metabeats network on December 23rd. 

It defines itself as “an NFT marketplace and digital reality platform that combines social media, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrencies to allow users to interact virtually.”

Metabeats will let people purchase NFTs – basically files with unique identifying numbers associated with them through blockchain technology. Although there’s nothing extra special about these individual tracks. You have exclusive access and have your name on it unless they’re sold or given away to another party, then it’s theirs to name. Meanwhile, anyone can still listen to the song on any musical platform available. 

The thing with NFTs is, that you’re paying for the idea of owning something—not necessarily its physical manifestation.

After indicating his acceptance to be dub the most hated frog in the world even after his 15-year breather. Crazy Frog assured that he “Won’t cancel the NFTs”. Looks like he isn’t inclining into the hate that surrounds his persona. 

You can pre-register your interest on Crazy Frog’s NFTs now on Metabeats arriving December 23rd. And another NFT drops on January 1st for Gummy Bear.