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Boba Inu Sugar Club Invites All NFT Enthusiasts and Dog Lovers Into Its Value-Driven Community

When non-fungible tokens hit the mainstream in early 2021, a considerable number of people and industry authorities assumed that they would end up as another fad. 2022 proved them wrong as a year after NFTs took the world of digital assets by storm, these blockchain-hosted non-interchangeable units of data continue to capture the interest of everyone, not just those who are well-versed in the comings and goings of the financial realm. The NFT’s growing prominence is evident in the hundreds of collections scheduled to hit the scene in the months to come. Boba Inu Sugar Club is among the most highly anticipated. Set to launch in April, this utility-driven project hopes to pay homage to Asian culture and bring a host of benefits to every member that joins the bubble tea-loving fur family. 

Made up of 8,000 boba inu living on the Ethereum blockchain, Boba Inu Sugar Club was born from the minds of go-getters who are cognizant of the value that comes hand in hand with every minted token. Marrying their interests together, they do not only aim to deliver a collection of must-have characters to a space saturated with projects based on apes, doodles, pixel art, and more, but also intend to invite people to a trip down memory lane. 

“We believe that everyone is, to a large extent, a product of their upbringing,” shared the minds behind Boba Inu Sugar Club. “We, ourselves, come from a place where many of its inhabitants’ fondest childhood memories involve the savory aromas of street delis and the matchless satisfaction of a boba tea on a hot summer day. To us, boba tea is not just an ordinary sweet drink to quench our thirst—it represents our memories with friends and loved ones, of a hardworking street vendor’s method of providing for his family; the upset child’s solace; an emblem of once being a kid.”

While it’s admittedly difficult to stand out amid the thousands of NFT collections vying for a spot in the limelight, the creators of Boba Inu Sugar Club are confident that this brainchild of theirs will manage to draw attention because of the quality of its digitized artwork, the roster of perks that come with every mint, and the passion that fuels the imminent rise of the project. Each Inu, randomly generated from a selection of over 180 traits, boasts unique boba pearls, accessories, backgrounds, and Chinese characters and will be categorized under three rarity types: common, genius, and legendary. 

The upcoming drop of Boba Inu Sugar Club also means the premiere of the world’s first and finest metaverse night market party, where token holders can participate in voting mechanisms tied with real businesses, consume and create tangible products, and manage their personal brands on and off-chain. Its corresponding game, which will take the form of a social hangout game, will allow holders to manage their own booths and earn $SUGAR. Updates on the project can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord

Currently, the team at the helm of Boba Inu Sugar Club is religiously adhering to a planned roadmap that includes staking its utility token, $SUGAR, developing a series of tangible products, and partnering with local and international brands, acquiring land from Sandbox or Decentraland, and more.