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How to Buy Baby Shiba Inu

The Baby Shiba COIN is an investment item that lets you buy a baby shiba in a box. You can return the box at any time and receive your money back, but you’ll only get half of your original purchase price. If you want to keep the baby shiba, return the box and it will be brought to live in your household!

If you’re curious about where to find this item, just walk over to any person living on Shibuya Island with the surname “COIN” and they’ll have one for sale! Feel free to hunt around their house until you find it.

If you don’t live on Shibuya Island, you can go visit Shibuya Island at any time before August 20th 2017. If you go to the right time and place, you will find this item on sale. (The price will not be as high as it is now, so you won’t have to pay a fortune!)

Download the software, and then set up the item. You can buy Baby Shiba COIN with just one click! You’ll need some other items that there is no way of getting them all at once (such as coin accessories), but anyway it’s easy to get through just by buying some of them one by one.

What is special about a Baby Shiba Inu?

They are a small, agile dog that has erect ears and an alert, free-moving gait. Some people say they look foxy or catlike. As a whole, Baby Shibas are known for their intelligence, curiosity, and high energy level. They require ample amounts of both mental and physical exercise as well as socialization with humans.

Baby Shiba Inus can be stubborn and willful at times but are also very sensitive to their owners’ moods. Shiba Inus are extremely territorial and will purposely mark their territory on furniture and other items. They also tend to bark at anything that moves.

Shibas are very intelligent and are not for the beginner owner but can be trained with time. This small size is a factor that makes Shiba Inus more appealing in appearance to some people as well as in temperament compared to larger breeds that generally don’t keep up with their energy level. Shibas generally want to be around the family 24-7 so they should receive proper training, exercise, and enrichment (such as fetching toys or balls) regularly. Shibas are easily bore and need to be kept busy or they will turn into little Tasmanian Devils.

Shiba Inus have this personality that is so cute but can be so headstrong if not trained properly. As most people have said, it takes time and patience but it will be worth it. If you train your Shiba correctly, you will get a great friend for many years to come!

On the negative side of things though, being small when compared to other dogs means that Shibas are more susceptible to getting certain diseases with larger breeds such as hip dysplasia and bloat.

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