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Americans Prefer Crypto as Holiday Gifts, Survey Says

Photo by Executium on Unsplash

With Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ether leading the pack as America’s most popular cryptocurrencies this holiday season. It’s no wonder they’ll be topping everyone’s list of gifts to give.

In a new study by crypto lending firm BlockFi, it has been found that cryptocurrencies will soon become the gift of choice for people in America. The reason is: that they are becoming more popular as gifts and investments alike.

Crypto as Holiday Gifts

The BlockFi survey found that nearly one in ten Americans would give crypto as a holiday gift to their loved ones.

The most popular gifts among crypto enthusiasts are Bitcoin, followed by Dogecoin and Ether. As for nonfungible tokens (NFTs), they still need time before being receive as an alternative present option; only 2% of those surveyed were curious about receiving them this way.

The survey results also show that crypto will likely become a hot topic at family dinner tables. As one-third of respondents prefer talking about their popular digital assets instead of politics during the holiday season. While boomers would still rather discuss extracurricular matters with friends and relatives over food talk, GenZ plans on opening up conversations regarding cryptocurrency this year while millennials anticipate doing so soon enough too.

In a recent survey, it was found that less than 25% of respondents knew how to send crypto as a congratulation or gift. This shows there’s still lots more education required on this topic and BlockFi is trying their best at filling those gaps. 

The latest survey by BlockFi shows that millennials are more interested in crypto than older generations. A third (31%) of this demographic plan on buying cryptocurrencies next year while it decreases 25% for baby boomers. And 15% among those born after 1997, known as Gen Z. A quick look at the data reveals some interesting trends. First off, there seems to be a preference between Dogecoin vs Ether, where Dogecoin is favour by Gen-Z. 

The Australian crypto community is also feeling the love this Christmas. With a quarter of respondents planning on buying gifts for their loved ones ​​in cryptocurrency.