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AIKON Making Blockchain Adoption Seamless and Widespread


Despite the proliferation of blockchain as a digital infrastructure and its many applications, its widespread adoption has been a massive challenge. People are either reluctant because they find it complex to understand or the onboarding process is not so seamless. However, a notable blockchain company, AIKON, founded by Marc Blinder, is advancing blockchain adoption in ways it has never been before and changing how users adopt blockchain technology.

AIKON’s core service revolves around providing identity infrastructure to multiple blockchains. Its unique feature offering, a decentralized single sign-on identity and wallet solutions help Web 2.0 users move onto public blockchains. The company, which recently raised $10 million in its Series A funding round, also worked with the non-profit Open Rights Foundation and built the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) for self-sovereign, non-custodial identities.

Since 2017, AIKON has been on a mission to make a difference in people’s lives by making it easier for them to thrive in the digital world. With the recent Series A funding, the company plans to scale its team and drive traction to its products. Built on the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) network and powered by the ORE token, AIKON is solidifying its presence as a notable blockchain entity. The ORE network is built for decentralized assets, identities and rights, and it hosts the ORE tokens, a cryptocurrency token that AIKON’s team has purchased to own a substantial stake in the ORE network.

Marc Blinder is a member of the ORE network’s core team, and he uses his position to advance his goal of making blockchain adoption seamless. At the moment, AIKON is adding compatibility for the Avalanche blockchain and plans to release ORE Vault, a crypto and NFT multi-signature wallet for businesses.

The dream to build AIKON came alive in 2017, which saw many ICOs live in the open. “We saw the ups and downs in the industry, but we remained laser-focused on our goal,” Marc Blinder said. “We have been active and hardworking in the last five years building infrastructure solutions designed to last for decades. We have also received support and funding from industry leaders to help keep our mission alive and get it to the promised land.”

Even though AIKON had already raised $2.6 million before, getting such a substantial amount in its latest funding round points to the potential the company holds. “We believe in ourselves as much as our investors believe in us. We’re working toward collective good, and without a doubt, the goal is in sight,” Marc declared.

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