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Adidas Expands its Presence into the Metaverse with New Futuristic Collection

Photo: Adidas

The new Ozworld collection from Adidas gives customers a more immersive experience. They want to take the traditional transaction of buying products and make it so memorable that you’ll never forget your encounter with this brand in-game or online.

Adidas Originals is a subdivision of the brand that accommodates collaborations like its Ozworld shoe collection. In addition, the department stretches to boost self-expression and style experimentation with designers, celebrities, or creators. 

The futuristic shoe collection was drafted to develop a mixture of modern styles and those from the 1990s, targeting people who want an updated look with ties to their past, said Adidas. 

The collaboration between the brand and digital creator Jon Emmony was an “other-worldly campaign” that prompts key themes in the collection while giving it a sci-fi aesthetic.

The latest experience by Ozworld enters a unique angle under the themes of self-expression and style experimentation with their new questionnaire-based avatars instead of the usual procedure of a user manually designing their digital look.

It will allow users to create their own avatars and digitally fit sneakers. They may also download the stickers for various platforms, which could help them stand out from other people on those sites who don’t have custom graphics or images.

Adidas Originals’ collaboration with Ready Player Me is the first brand deal for the avatar platform. Users who create their digital character via the Ozworld experience can use the same character in 1,800 metaverse platforms, said Adidas. 

It frees users from the burden of making another avatar for each app or online experience. It will also amplify the presence of Adidas in several platforms that make up the metaverse. It’s a win-win situation for both the consumer and the brand. 

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